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Tyra and her new mom and dad! heart


Tiko (now Fiyero) is doing great! What a personality that little guy has! He and my daughter have completely bonded, and they are having a ton of fun together. They will start puppy training together next week. In the meantime, he loves his yard - there is so much room to run, and the trees keep dropping twigs for him to play with.  He is definitely a perfect match for our family - thank you so much for selecting us to adopt him!



Radar fka Tiger was surrendered to AARF at about 3 months old. He belonged to an older teenager and the mother told him that the dog had to go. He was very sensitive to raised voices, hands, and leashes. He was sharing space with another young puppy and was doing pretty good in kennel life. When his pal got adopted and he had been alone for almost 2 weeks, I told my husband that he needed to come out to the adoption event and meet him. We would "only" foster. Famous last words.

He had a puppy cold and within 24 hours of bringing him home, he ended up with full blown pneumonia. The little guy was miserable.  His health was very touch and go for almost 2 weeks. We pampered him and did what ever we needed to to get him to eat and take his meds. He recovered like a champ.

Today, he is the best thing that happened to his sister Ruth. She is also an AARF rescue that we adopted at 8 weeks.  They are similar in size and energy level. Radar is happiest when demanding attention from people or laying on 1 or more of his siblings.  He loves the dog park and fetch. We are so happy that we "fostered" him.

Jim and Brandi Segraves

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